Therapy Garment Fitting Services In Seaford, VIC


At Ocean Kids Health, we are the Victorian supplier of therapy garments – SPIO and Theratogs. We prescribe and supply these specialised therapy garments at both of our clinics. Please check out our blog to read more!

We also work with our colleagues at Korthotics (for DMO suits) and Second Skin to assist children who require specifically tailored garments to find the appropriate solution. This includes referrals, measurements and assisting with NDIS funding applications.

Our Paediatric Physiotherapists and Paediatric Exercise Physiologists have specific training in the prescription and use of these garments. During therapy sessions, your child’s therapist may try a wearable orthotic garment with your child to improve their posture, stability and movement abilities.​ These garments also have secondary benefits, including improving your child’s attention and concentration through the deep feedback provided to their nervous system while wearing these garments.

We are the Victorian supplier of therapy garments

We would recommend trialing a therapy garment if your baby or child presents with any of the following difficulties:

Poor head control

Difficulty maintaining sitting postures or difficulty crawling

When walking or standing, appear to be wobbly with poor body alignment

Walking on tip toes, flat feet, pigeon toes, knock knees or other gait problems

Unusual or clumsy running style

Low muscle tone (‘Floppy’ difficulty holding positions)

High muscle tone (Stiffness in arms, legs or body)

Bendy joints, excessive movement in their joints

Poor Attention and concentration as a result of poor body awareness

Sensory Processing issues

These garments are specialized therapy items and not available for ‘off the shelf’ purchasing.

Garments need to be prescribed by a skilled therapist on our team who can recommend the most appropriate brand or item for your child, based on their abilities, diagnosis, postural needs and your goals.

An initial assessment, videos and movement analysis at Ocean Kids Health.

In clinic trial/s of orthotic garments and prescription of garment where appropriate.

Ongoing review for correct sizing, assessment of function and re-fitting as posture changes and children grow.

​We are also able to provide recommendations for funding for garments under NDIS where required.

Contact us to book your child’s assessment for therapy garments or have a chat to your child’s treating therapist for more information!

Our Ocean Kids Health team are here to help you and your child thrive!