Meet Molliana Unusu

Molliana Unusu

Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Molli has a passion for creating healthy sustainable lifestyles which led her to study a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science and later her Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology at ACU.
 Whilst studying, Molli volunteered at RDA (riding for the disabled), trained teen athletes across a variety of sports and enjoyed her long term role of being a Primary School teachers aid, which led her to join Ocean Kids team which is the perfect combination of everything she loves! 
Molli is now living out her dream of helping children find their best version of life using exercise!

Molli enjoys water skiing, going to the gym with friends, relaxing at the beach and hiking.


Why? They are full of energy and love to be social which is something I relate to a lot. Their need for food always as well as naps in the sun is also something that appeals to me!!

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