At Ocean Kids Health we offer bike skill programs to help your kids become confident on balance bikes, trikes and bikes. Whether it is learning to ride a bike, transitioning to riding without training wheels or building confidence and safety – we are here to help.

We specialise in helping kids who:

  • Lack confidence and are easily deterred
  • Struggle with strength
  • Find balancing difficult
  • Have coordination issues
  • Need help overcoming fear of falling
  • Have difficulty learning new motor skills
  • Require individualized attention and support
  • Have sensory sensitivities that impact their ability to ride
  • Need assistance transitioning from training wheels to riding independently

Our 1:1 bike skills program allows us to tailor sessions to your child’s stage of their bike riding journey. Our enthusiastic team of Paediatric Exercise Physiologists run the 5-day bike skills program for 1 hour each day, across Monday-Friday on the school holidays. Our program is suitable for kids of all ages who have a bike-based goals.

This program works on:

  • Teaching your kids how to safely navigate their bikes
  • Increasing their strength
  • Improving coordination
  • Building confidence for them to enjoy riding
  • Focusing on bike control and handling skills
  • Providing a fun and supportive environment for learning

We highly recommend bringing in your child’s bike for them to practice on a familiar bike. We start by ensuring your kids know how to safely mount and dismount their bike, and understanding how to work the brakes before moving into riding itself. We utilise a variety of equipment to practice coordinating pedalling and balancing. Sessions are fun and engaging with games between bike riding to build and complement skills and target areas to support your kids reaching their bike goals.

Please contact our wonderful admin team for any further enquiries or to register your interest.

Our Ocean Kids Health team are here to help you and your child thrive!