Positional Plagiocephaly (Flat Head Syndrome)

How to prevent or improve your baby’s flat head!
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What you will learn

What a flat head looks like and its causes.

The need to treat early and exactly what to do at home.

Bite size practical tips – Videos with real babies – showing you how to position them for carrying, feeding and sleep to improve their head shape.

How your baby’s neck can cause their flat spot (Torticollis).

Gentle neck stretches to do with your baby at home.

What you get from this Masterclasses

All of our tried and tested baby Physio wisdom, wrapped in a beautiful video format masterclass!

Access to your selected masterclass for 4 months – so take your time!

Downloads of important information and activities for home.

Ongoing access to our Ocean Kids Physio Academy Facebook group (to share ideas and wins, monthly Q & A’s with Des & Katie and live videos!)

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Meet Masterclass Creators

Desiree Frigenti

Director & Senior Paediatric Physiotherapist – Ocean Kids Health

Desiree is an experienced Paediatric Physiotherapist who loves working with babies and young children. Desiree is one of 10 children and a mother to 3 incredible children which set the foundation for her interest in working with children. Her focus is centred on the overall well-being of both parent and baby, and she takes a holistic approach to ultimately offer the very best care and advice to both.

Desiree believes therapy should be fun, and play based, while meeting the needs and goals of the child, improving physical outcomes and quality of life. Desiree understands that every child develops at their own pace and in their own way, she enjoys working with families and their health care team to identify and help achieve goals.

Desiree has extensive international experience working with a wide variety of paediatric conditions in public, community and private settings. Due to Desiree’s extensive post graduate training, she is able to assess all aspects of your child’s health and how it may be influencing other aspects of their well-being. With a keen interest in early childhood development; Desiree has specialised in the premature infant, reflux, babies and children presenting with developmental delays and sensory processing issues, neurological concerns and rehabilitation.

Desiree is an internationally published author of 2 books, Play Sense and The Sensory Rollercoaster. Play Sense provides play and activity ideas to promote a baby’s and child’s sensory and motor skills up to the age of 5 years. The Sensory Rollercoaster will take you as a parent into the complexities of sensory processing difficulties and is filled with strategies and play ideas to support your child in how they deal with day-to-day sensory challenges.

Desiree enjoys being outdoors doing anything active, she loves to travel, cook and spend time with her beautiful family and friends!

Katie Cleary

Director & Senior Paediatric Physiotherapist – Ocean Kids Health

Katie is an experienced APA Titled Paediatric Physiotherapist and Founder of Ocean Kids – A Private Allied Health service designed to support babies and children in Victoria. Over the past 12 years in both public and private sectors, Katie has gained a wealth of experience working with babies and children with a broad range of conditions affecting their movement, development and participation.

Katie loves supporting parents to help their children play and thrive! Over the past 5 years, Katie and Desiree have worked closely together at Ocean Kids to develop a unique service to support parents and their babies and children. Katie is very passionate and dedicated to improving the quality and standard of Physiotherapy care for children and their families. Katie has loved travelling the world to research and find the best modalities to support child development. Katie has completed extensive post graduate training in the following areas: Baby development, Early Intervention, Orthopaedic Management, Neurological Rehabilitation, Intensive Therapy, Cuevas Medek Exercise, Bobath, Clinical Pilates and Hypermobility Management. Katie is a current member of the Paediatric working group with The International Consortium on Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders.

When Katie is not having fun in our clinics treating our gorgeous babies and toddlers, you will find her at the beach, either surfing or with her 3 dogs or at her fave yoga studio! Katie loves quality time with her hubby, nephews, family and friends usually cooking up a storm!

We are here to help you and your baby thrive!

This masterclass is for you if you:

Want to know all our tips for preventing a flat head.

You have noticed a flat spot on your baby’s head.

Your baby looks more to one side than the other including during sleep.

You have noticed that your baby tilts their head to one side.

Your baby only brings one of their hands to their mouth.

Your baby is struggling to latch on one breast or having difficulty with the bottle.

Your baby resists tummy time or does not enjoy it

You’re an allied health professional wanting to upskill in Paediatric Physiotherapy for babies.

Hey mumma – just remember the flat spot is not your fault! We’ll show you how to help improve your baby’s head shape with easy and fun activities for you both! ❤️ Des & Katie

How to prevent or improve your baby’s flat head!

Masterclass FAQ's

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The masterclasses will take approx 60 minutes to watch. There are real life example videos which you will want to watch again, which might take a little more time. There is no rush! You can watch parts as you need them and as time allows. Download the key tips and information to use as you need.

The masterclasses will give you lots of amazing tips, information and advice, however we do recommend a face to face assessment with a Paediatric Physiotherapist, GP or Paediatrician for your baby should you have specific concerns or questions related to your baby’s development.

Des & Katie are both experienced Paediatric Physiotherapists and Directors of Ocean Kids Physiotherapy. Between them, they have over 50 years experience both in Australia and Internationally assessing and treating babies and children throughout public, community and private health settings.

Our Learn & Play program is based on the addressing the commonly asked questions and concerns parents present to us within our clinics.

We provide you with accurate, evidence based information and strategies to help you and your baby to thrive! We know that your baby is your world and means the world to you. We want to help you along this incredible journey with your baby. Rest assured, you’re in the right place!

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