Welcome to Ocean Kids Health!

Our brilliant team of innovative, caring and passionate Paediatric Physiotherapists and Paediatric Exercise Physiologists specialise in helping your baby, toddler or child to excel in their movement and play skills!

We provide the complete evidence-based physical therapy solution for babies, toddlers and children with motor delays, movement issues, injuries and childhood conditions.

We love what we do and think outside the square to provide a specific tailored program for your child. We empower families through support, education and care and work closely with our community partners including; ​Paediatricians, GP’s, Allied Health Professionals, Maternal and Child Health Nurses and Children’s Hospital Teams to provide the best outcome for your child.

Our Team Values

Limitless Fun!

We help children learn and excel through fun and play.

Our team ensures a positive and uplifting environment for children, parents, carers each and every day

We celebrate ALL wins. Big and small!

We are Family

​We are a close knit team that values our community.

We support and inspire each other, whilst creating a safe environment where families feel valued,
heard and understood.

We treat you and your child like our own family!

Centre of Excellence

​We are the best at what we do.

​ We are a team of innovators who push the boundaries to get the best results for your child.

​We hustle. We grow. We evolve. We adapt.

We care

​We are privileged to be a part of your journey!

​We celebrate the differences of people and look to learn from each other.

​We bring love and respect everyday.

Our Ocean Kids Health team are here to help you and your child thrive!